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数据库名称:UNC Systems Genetics


所属国家/地区:United States

数据库主要信息:Here we provide genomic sequences for the Collaborative Cross (CC) mouse strains and the eight CC founder strains in the form of FASTA files for the 19 autosomes, sex chromosomes (X and Y), and mitochondria (M). These sequences can be used as reference sequences for high-throughput short-read alignments, or for any other comparative genomic analyses.

Each genome comes with a companion MOD file, which can be used to remap coordinates from the FASTA sequences back to reference coordinates. This is necessary since, in general, all gene and genomic annotations are specified relative to the reference. MOD files are genome and version specific, and therefore should always be downloaded together as a set with their associated FASTA sequence.

We supply two types of genomes, sequenced and imputed. Sequenced genomes result from direct DNA sequencing at a minimum of 30x coverage, and an iterative alignment process. Imputed genomes are derived from genotype data, where we first construct a haplotype mosaic using MegaMUGA genotypes and then assemble an imputed genome using segments of DNA sequence from the inferred founders


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University of California Los Angeles

Department of Computer Science, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA



United States

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Wang W

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