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数据库主要信息:This work provides a curated database of experimental and calculated hydration free energies for small neutral molecules in water, along with molecular structures, input files, references, and annotations. We call this the Free Solvation Database, or FreeSolv. Experimental values were taken from prior literature and will continue to be curated, with updated experimental references and data added as they become available. Calculated values are based on alchemical free energy calculations using molecular dynamics simulations. These used the GAFF small molecule force field in TIP3P water with AM1-BCC charges. Values were calculated with the GROMACS simulation package, with full details given in references cited within the database itself. This database builds in part on a previous, 504-molecule database containing similar information. However, additional curation of both experimental data and calculated values has been done here, and the total number of molecules is now up to 643. Additional information is now included in the database, such as SMILES strings, PubChem compound IDs, accurate reference DOIs, and others. One version of the database is provided in the Supporting Information of this article, but as ongoing updates are envisioned, the database is now versioned and hosted online. In addition to providing the database, this work describes its construction process


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Mobley DL

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